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Emerging Mutualistic Relationship Between Parklets and Neighborhood Businesses

Urbanist William H. Whyte says, “There is an elemental point about good spaces: supply creates demand. A good new public space builds a new constituency. It gets people into new habits – such as alfresco lunches – and induces them to use new paths…” A Concept of Pedestrian Overspills Parklets are essentially small plots of pedestrian overspill, could be in a… Read more →

Tactical Urbanism Movement

From time to time, cities as agglomerations of built environment and so many anthropogenic elements have gone through so many issues in many aspects of urban living. But subsequently, a city tends to grow into a gigantic multidimensional system that its problems cannot be fixed with a mono-approach solution. Every city regardless its size, geographical setting, population, historical value, economic… Read more →