Olympus Photography Playground

Experimental design meets photography and promotional marketing.

Olympus Photography Playground is a part of marketing strategy that is commonly promoted lately in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Köln), Amsterdam, and Vienna, with a mission to introduce the brand’s high quality OM-D series product not only to the common market, but also to professional and niche communities of photographers,designers, artists, as well as arts and design enthusiasts.

By campaigning photography as another medium to express art and space design, the Olympus is challenging itself to bring its quality branding to the next level, by utilizing the power of community and media. In the exhibition, people can borrow one unit of Olympus camera product for trial and experiment with several interactive art installations to test whether the product has met their requirements and needs. This exhibition is also successfully attractive to many of city youngsters, professionals and students, and has become a live and successful playground, as well as a setting for social media marketing, in enhancing the effect of the brand’s marketing campaign.


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