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Elbtreppen: Zaha Hadid’s New Elbe Promenade in Hamburg

  Elbtreppen is a recently accomplished riverbank project by Zaha Hadid Architects that spans along the Niederhafen Port at River Elbe, the river that divides Hamburg into roughly two equal regions, located between Landungsbrücken and Speicherstadt (Baumwall), two of the oldest urban spots and tourist magnets of this port city.     “The Niederhafen was once a significant commercial port in… Read more →

Tired of Manual Scanning? Microsoft Office Lens: Utterly Handy for Designers

As a designer, either you are doing architecture and urban design, graphic design, fashion design, or else, you would be quite familiar with this task: manual scanning. Conventionally, you usually depend on scanners to capture visual graphics and images that you have, whether after drawing a new sketch or diagram, curating a printed information that you would like to compile for your new… Read more →

9 Urban Apps That Make Cities More Sustainable and Fun

Wonder how to induce new urban cultures within our urban environment towards a more sustainable, livable, and fun city? Synchronizing with the rise of mobile phone and apps technologies, New Cities Foundation together with its media partner Guardian City, introducing a yearly worldwide competition AppMyCity, which rewards new concepts of mobile applications or urban apps that improve the urban experience, connect people, and… Read more →

6 Most Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Designs for the Future of Urban Housing

Regarding the continuation of our built environment, lately climate change has been an important and concrete issue that needs to be addressed in every aspects of our daily life. Irresponsible natural resources exploitation has lead us to the excessive production of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity, inducing anthropogenic climate change (Global Greenhouse Warming). As the real consequences, we now frequently face global warming,… Read more →

Drones: The Future Planning & Design Tools

Drone advocates let out a collective sigh of relief as the new commercial drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) regulations, which was released by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), are more industry-friendly than expected. – Clay Dillow (Fortune, 2015).     Drone for Commercial Operation Regulation and Practicality The Fortune said that it’s a promising sign for companies that want to integrate drones… Read more →

Olympus Photography Playground

Experimental design meets photography and promotional marketing. Olympus Photography Playground is a part of marketing strategy that is commonly promoted lately in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Köln), Amsterdam, and Vienna, with a mission to introduce the brand’s high quality OM-D series product not only to the common market, but also to professional and niche communities of photographers,designers, artists, as well as arts… Read more →