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HafenCity: Europe’s Biggest Inner City Development Project


Development in European Cities

Development of European cities is mostly constrained by historical values to preserve most of its primordial urban settlement models that initiated the embryonal concept of most modern cities in the world. Given the mature development of its built-environment and economic development, especially in the western and northern part of European continent, population there is also considerably not as high as anywhere else in the world. If it is high, as in some of European mega-cities such London, Paris, Madrid, or Berlin, the natural population growth would not be as progressive as in Asia, Africa, or South America, but relatively constant instead. If there is any growth, usually it is due immigration related to economy and political factors.

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Berlin, the City of Graphics

If you are an artist, architect, graphic designer, photographer, or an urbanist, chances are you would like Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It is the biggest and the most populous city in the whole Germany. Once having been divided into West and East Berlin after the World War II, the city offers very eclectic shades of architecture and various artistic… Read more →