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Climate-proofing Jakarta

By Arlene Nathania   More than two thirds of the world’s largest cities are vulnerable to rising sea levels and unpredictable extreme rainfall patterns – Connecting Delta Cities Global climate change is also threatening Jakarta as a delta city. Jakarta has been sinking partly below the mean sea level, with accelerated subsidence rates due to excessive long-term groundwater abstraction, as the… Read more →

People-oriented approach to a walkable and bikeable Jakarta

by Arlene Nathania   Fighting against Jakarta’s traffic during peak hours burns us out, and burns our money — for nothing. At some point, driving a car starts to be a symbol of immobility rather than mobility. There have been different approaches introduced to deal with Jakarta’s widespread urban congestion, namely the Transjakarta busway, mass rapid transit (MRT) and monorail systems, electronic… Read more →

Singapore, the Most Expensive City in 2015

Based on the Worldwide Cost of Living survey done by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) this year, Singapore hits the highest index of living cost in the world again. Being conducted on 133 cities worldwide from New York and London to Tokyo and Shanghai, the research survey compares cost of living indices in different cities, involving prices of more than 160 services and products.… Read more →