Berlin, the City of Graphics

If you are an artist, architect, graphic designer, photographer, or an urbanist, chances are you would like Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It is the biggest and the most populous city in the whole Germany. Once having been divided into West and East Berlin after the World War II, the city offers very eclectic shades of architecture and various artistic urban settings. It is the place where culture meets consumerism, where the obsoletes meet the modernists, where arts meets entrepreneurial technology, and where individualism meets social exhibitionists. It is the city where you can freely be lost, in order to find your own state-of-the art identity.

If you walk though all streets in Berlin, you will see that many of its inhabitants make use of every corner and street of the city as their medium to express themselves, communicating their statement of freedom. There are different styles of design expressions, from rebellious graffiti to artistic promotional graphics, from minimalist architectural to urban signage and landscape design. Many urban interventions, statements, and movements are also initiated in Berlin. You will know why Berlin can deliberately ignite and inspire some of the greatest photographers, cinematographers, writers, artists, as well as creative entrepreneurs in the world.


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