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EUD, or Entrepreneurial Urbanism & Design, brings up some fresh and unprecedented projects, ideas, or prototypes of those that have been done on the topics related to ‘urban entrepreneurship’, disruptive technology mixed with human’s creativity that leads into unthinkable business models. Sometimes, the combination of those lead to a new socio-economic ecological paradigm, sometimes just lead us into funny funny things to tickle our tedious urban lifestyle, sometimes just flashes of ideas that come and go but could trigger other startups that we think they are still worth it to be curated.

If you are in the search of ideas, or just trying to understand how the city and market works, we hope you would join us as our readers and contributors.

What is Entrepreneurial Urbanism and Design?

Urbanism and design, as important elements in modern urban life, are essentially beyond ideas or theoretical and conceptual matters. They need to be developed, implemented, and also managed, in order to address needs of all city inhabitants and stakeholders. But more importantly, urbanism and design are also more than physical and visual entities. To ensure relevancy of aspects and success in urbanism and design fields, multidisciplinary approaches are needed, especially considering those that act as generators or forces of our civilization development throughout centuries.

Cities, as the medium of creative constructions, are also places for competitiveness, growth and consumption (Rachel Granger, 2009). Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business model that acquires human and other required resources, to calculate smartly the risks and potentials of its own model. Entrepreneurship operates within an entrepreneurship ecosystem (that is: cities), involving individuals, organizations or institutions (that are: city stakeholders). Entrepreneurialism will then also be approached to describe the relationships of those in the dimension of globalisation and global competitiveness.

Following the rise of creative economy in the last century, there is a common procedure when certain ideas and concepts of urbanism and design are being manifested into real projects; we would meet a set of multi-facet questions and requirements that cannot be solved by a single technical, creative, or design strategy. This is where entrepreneurship plays a role, to expand and marry contemporary conceptual and creative ideas to other knowledge such as markets, economy, politics and governance, social, finance, and technologies. Knowledge of empirical entrepreneurship significantly shapes decision making processes in urban planning, architecture and design. The field of entrepreneurship, on the other hand, also needs creativity with urbanism and design concerns to regenerate fresh future business models that will work sustainably.

Departing from the above propositions, the term of ‘Entrepreneurial Urbanism and Design’ appears. However, this direction of terminology would not limit its ability to capture a new development of its current scopes, since it covers a wide range of aspects in urban living that are always changing. Therefore, this terminology will be open and flexible to enrich and refine the knowledge of relationship between entrepreneurship, cities, and creativity.





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