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Tired of Manual Scanning? Microsoft Office Lens: Utterly Handy for Designers

As a designer, either you are doing architecture and urban design, graphic design, fashion design, or else, you would be quite familiar with this task: manual scanning. Conventionally, you usually depend on scanners to capture visual graphics and images that you have, whether after drawing a new sketch or diagram, curating a printed information that you would like to compile for your new… Read more →

Photo credit: faveable.com, Johnny Garcia

Drones: The Future Planning & Design Tools

Drone advocates let out a collective sigh of relief as the new commercial drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) regulations, which was released by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), are more industry-friendly than expected. – Clay Dillow (Fortune, 2015).     Drone for Commercial Operation Regulation and Practicality The Fortune said that it’s a promising sign for companies that want to integrate drones… Read more →